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Fast Forward

I’ve enjoyed the past year so much. Too bad it’s nearly the end for so many things that I’ve come to love. Friends, places, mostly friends.

Time is a wonderful thing. We have so much yet so little. There are ocassions when you want something to end badly and when you’re finally close to the end, you wish it would stay. You hate yourself for not enjoying the time you had to the max. Is this the what older people feel when they know they’re reaching the end of their lives? Do they look back and say “All the things I could have done… all the things I could have enjoyed. But I didn’t because of ignorance…”?

We long for more time though we know it isn’t possible. They always tell us to not waste our time, to enjoy it as much as possible, but we never listen. Then we see they were right when it’s too late.

Okay, time to stop talking in general, time to talk about me.

Less than 15 days.  That’s all I have to say…

It feels like I’ve been living in fast forward and everything is just passing by. And  I can’t do anything about it.


I’m a planner

Ideas and actions.

Planning and performing.

I have a very big  problem with these things. You know when you get these really good ideas at night and you think “I’m going to do this tomorrow” and then the morning comes and you just realize how stupid that idea was? Or at least you think its stupid. I’ve learned that when that happens to me no matter how stupid it might look later I should sill try because sometimes it will turn out to be a good decision. But sometimes this isn’t the case.

I’m a planner. I plan things, I over analyze. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because you think of the consequences of your actions, therefore you normally choose he right thing to do. Or what you think is the best thing to do by your standards. But sometimes over thinking things can ruin everything. I plan things in my head, I visualize situations. But then when the moment of truth comes sometimes it doesn’t go as planned. Maybe you got nervous or some external factor you hadn’t though about interfered (You never think about everything that might happen).

Lately I’ve just been trying to restrain myself from thinking too much about something I have to do. I try not to plan things. Not exactly plan, just to go a little too far. It’s not easy but with enough mental discipline I’ll get it done. Like I said in a previous post, this is part of a personality I’ve developed myself.

No picture today since I don’t have my camera here.

: )


Blogging vs Vlogging

I haven’t written here in quite a while, and this blog is now little over a year old. To make it clear, I don’t plan on writing regular posts on here. Why? That will be explained further on. Now on with blogging and vlogging.

Lets start by defining both words.

Blogging is the form of written communication. People who practice this activity write in a personal web journal called a blog. Blogs are divided into posts which are entries displayed in reverse chronological order.

Vlogging is short for Video Blogging. It is a form of blogging for which the medium is video.  Vlogging is a very popular category in YouTube.

Simple enough to understand right? The major difference is that blogging is text-based and vlogging is based on video (as the name already tells us). But, which is better? Well let me start of by saying vlogging can be used to complement a blog or it can be used alone. The same goes for blogging, many video bloggers or vloggers (what you call people who vlog) use blogs to sometime write and further expand the topic(s) explored in their vlog.

Honestly, I think it comes down to personal preference. I personally prefer video blogging, and this take me to another section of this post. Why? Why do I prefer vlogging over blogging?

I think that while vlogging you have a better opportunity to express yourself fully. You can talk like you’re in a normal conversation with your friends. When your blogging you have to pay attention to making your post attractive to the reader. Punctuation, pictures, all those things. I’m not saying you don’t need these things when you vlog, because you do need to have good lighting, good video quality and a good enough voice tone. Without those things your viewer will stop watching the video. You need to establish eye contact with your viewer (this means look to your camera lens!). The thing with vlogging is that you feel more complete, more free, it’s taking the interaction with your audience to a whole other level.

And that’s why I don’t blog frequently. I’ve started video blogging and I’m incredibly in love with it. At first it will feel awkward and you’ll ask yourself, ”Why am I sitting here talking to a camera?”, but once you get past that initial stage of awkwardness you’ll start feeling the love. It doesnt matter if you have 5 viewers, 10, 100, or 10,000, even if you have 0 viewers and you like what you’re doing, keep doing it! People will find you eventually and you’ll start building a community around your videos. See what you can improve on and improve, become one of the best at vlogging. Certainly, I’m not, I don’t have more than 8 viewers, but I follow the tips I gave you, I’ve been vlogging for less than a month.

If you’re really interested in vlogging, here are some helpful videos:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2lY0T5cA0s -How to vlog, Vlogbrothers

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtvKLtMnH4U -How to vlog, Myles Dyer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDvqMOncvpE&feature=relmfu -Have confidence issues? But want to vlog?, Myles Dyer

Just like if you want to become a musician you have to listen to music, or if you want to be a writer you have to read, if you want to vlog you have to watch good video blogs. I’ll provide you with a list of my favourite YouTube vloggers with links to their channels right here:

Charlieissocoollike (Charlie McDonnell) – http://www.youtube.com/user/charlieissocoollike?blend=1&ob=4

Vlogbrothers (Hank Green & John Green) – http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers?feature=watch

thatzak – http://www.youtube.com/user/thatzak?blend=1&ob=4

Your Average Adam – http://www.youtube.com/user/YourAverageAdam

Nerimon ( Alex Day) – http://www.youtube.com/user/nerimon

NerdzRL (Daily Vlogs)- http://www.youtube.com/user/NerdzRL?blend=1&ob=video-mustangbase

Shaytards (Daily Vlogs) – http://www.youtube.com/user/shaytards?blend=1&ob=4

Now, when you search “How to Vlog”, there will be people who tell you to not use a webcam or cheap cameras. Don’t listen to those people. Vloggers start small and work their way up. Imagine buying a $400 or more camera and end up not enjoying vlogging. It will be a complete waste of money.

“Skill is honed by lack, and there’s no reason to have a sword made out of Valerian steel if your just learning how to wield a knife.”

– Hank Green.  More about that on the first helpful video I linked.

You can also do both vlogging and blogging at the same time. Like I mentioned before, they can compliment each other. Notice in the different channels I listed, there are 2 that are “Daily Vlogs”. I think the name explains itself quite clearly. If you’re interested in that you can watch them to get examples and learn. I don’t do daily vlogs because my life is currently not interesting enough to share with the world. Although when I go to college I plan to try them out.

I suggest you start out with YouTube. Leave a comment with your channel’s link and lets see if we can start a network of new vlogs. Subscribe to each other and jump-start your community!

: )