Bubble of Thoughts

“My thoughts are like stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”

-John green, The Fault in Our Stars

I have nothing to write about. No, I have many things I want to say I just can’t organize them. Repeating that quote in my head helps a lot and it can help you too. If you don’t have any ideas, just think you do, and you will.

I’m feeling a bit bored today. No, not a bit. I’m feeling very bored. Have you ever been so bored that you literally just want to lie in bed and cry. Not because you’re sad about anything, it’s just the boredom. I feel that now. Maybe a bit of writing will make me feel better.

I’ve been writing a song on my ukulele. It’s a love song. I don’t have much experience writing love songs, or at least good love songs. In fact, I have no experience writing any type of song. This one is going really good tough. It has some serious stuff as well as some humorous, nonsensical lyrics. I’m feeling quite a bit creative lately. Remember back in early November when I wrote that post about being extremely happy? Its something similar. And guess what? I did get into photography.

They say surrounding yourself with creative people will help spark your own creativity and that is something I have confirmed. I’ve had a really great burst of inspiration and ideas. Though it might not show through my writing but I have. Or maybe it does show since I’m posting fairly frequently. Well, we can’t say that when I’ve only written two posts for now but you’ll see!

Today I feel like just switching off my mind and relaxing. You know, not think about anything. I want to go read a book somebody lent me, I want to create some fun little sketches. Maybe write a story as well? I want to finish writing that song I mentioned, maybe even start another one after I’ve finished that one! I want to take some pictures too. Maybe go some place and photograph something unusual. Oh but wait… I can’t drive. My backyard will do, there must be thousands of beautiful things I haven’t discovered yet.

So I’ll be going to do those things now. This is a picture I just took of my ukulele. It’s not the best I’ve ever taken but I like it.

Also, if you want to come and say hello and be my friend and stuff, here’s a link to my Twitter and my Tumblr.

: )



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